A380 Docking Issue at OTHH

A380 docking issue at OTHH with the 2nd level door. 3rd Gate needs to be adjusted in terms of height, happened at Gate C13. I also saw this issue at YSSY Gate 9 and surrounding gates, but that specific issue was reported.

I believe this is a widespread issue with 3 gaters for A380’s at other airports, but OTHH and YSSY definitely have these issues.

**iPhone 13
**IOS 15



i’ve had them connect to the top door on the A380 multiple times, with no issues whatsoever at multiple airports.

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Maybe you need to go a little farther. Is there parking assistance there?
If so, maybe the assistance is wrong.

I think this is a known issue by staff

Ok, got that

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Hi there, yes as @VibrantPixel has linked, This is a known issue and will be resolved in the future once a fix has been found. Thanks for the report.

We hope you are still enjoying the update.

Happy flying !