A380 disappeared out of thin air

Device: iPhone XR

iOS Version: 17.3

I had just taken off from OMDB in the newly reworked Airbus A380. A few minutes after takeoff, my aircraft had disappeared into thin air and all of my camera views were glitched, and the main camera was stuck there in the air. Secondly, when I had updated the app, due to the removal of the 90-Day requirement, I was bumped up to Grade 5. When I checked my stats again for this flight, I was moved back down to Grade 3 somehow. I also have a video replay of when my A380 disappeared, but I am not authorized to send it. Another note, the app didn’t crash. Only my plane disappeared and I couldn’t do anything. I was able to end the flight.

My new rank after updating to 24.2:

My rank after the glitch 2 days after updating to 24.2:

Glitched camera views:

For the grade issue, it appears you were demoted back down to grade 3 because you do not meet the 90-day landings requirement, as many of your landings became older than 90 days a few days after the update

I guess that makes sense.

The 90-day requirements were only removed from the requirements for grades 2, and 3.
You still need to meet them to be considered grades 4 or 5

Yeah, I know that part.

Any devs able to help?


Not entirely following what you need assistance with here.
I assume this was a one time hiccup or are you still experiencing this?

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