A380 destined for scrapyard bought by airline leasing company

The Singapore Airlines A380 that no one seemingly wanted has been picked up by an airline leasing company. Hi Fly, one of the world’s major aircraft leasing companies based in Portugal picked up the 2007 built aircraft after Singapore Airlines opted returned the jet to Doric due to the carrier not renewing their lease.

However from what I’m reading Hi-Fly has only nominated to buy one of three returned to Doric leaving the other A380’s future up in the air (no pun intended) however negotiating is underway with Asian carriers to take up the remaining two to save an aircraft barely a decade old from the scrapyard. Hi-Fly currently leases out 8 aircraft mostly made up of A330’s and A340’s to airlines who need temporary aircraft to supplement their fleets due to unavailability of their own, like when Air New Zealand was forced to lease two aircraft after issues with their Dreamliner fleet arose .

This comes at an interesting point in time where many airlines are looking at smaller yet more fuel-efficient jets like the 787 and A350 to be the flagship of their fleets, meanwhile, the A380 seems to be losing the race with the gas-guzzling French-built jet with only receiving recent orders from Emirates to keep the program alive. However, the aircraft should be around for the next 15 to 20 years at least with the Emirates order and the Hi-Fly boost. You never know, maybe bigger is better or maybe this is just a false glimmer of hope for the giant of the skies.

Singapore Airlines A380 takeing off from Sydney Airport photo credit


If im not mistaken someone posted this a frente months ago

I posted it in Easter

Great to hear at least one of those A380s has been saved from being scrapped for now, considering pretty new media reports, saying the opposite :)

Woo an A380 lives on

okay, when I first read this, I thought it meant the A380 as a plane was going to be shut down. I didn’t read it in the context of one plane.

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