A380 Cockpit

Yes so last night I’m flying in VR Cockpit Mode took a gander to what would equate to right shoulder view and the 380 either has or had a graphics bug or we’ve experienced mass decompression and a blowout! LOL… Suggestions, ideas, or comments?



If you are referring to the “hole” in the back which should be covered, this is a known bug. The A380 is an old aircraft made way back when in IF and will get a rework eventually.


Alright must say however this was my first time noticing it but much obliged!


Well I now know what it is if it ever happens to me.

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Oh I always thought that it was the actual design of the model and not a bug. I have always seen the hole in the back so if anyone could show me what it is supposed to look like, then please send a pic of the back of the A380 cockpit. Thanks


just a reminder: go ahead and vote for the rework

A380 rework

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