A380 Cockpit Before and After, Side By Side

Hey everyone!

It has been a LOOONG time since I last made a before and after topic for a rework, around 3 years I think. I was originally thinking of doing one for the E-Jet rework, but just didn’t have the time and couldn’t get around to doing it.

With the extremely anticipated A380 rework finally out, and whales free to fly in the sky, I thought it would be an apt time to create a topic reflecting on how much the A380 has changed, and in particular, its ugly, gross and ancient 10+ year old cockpit!

Aircraft: A380
Airport: DXB
Graphics: Low for old A380 (forgot to turn textures to high), high for new A380
Left is old, right is new
For vertical pics, top is old, bottom is new

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!


Here are some HD pictures of it:


Ooh thank you! Why does it look better and more detailed than I remember lol

Because you never turn on high graphics to save some battery? 😜

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