A380 climbing problem

I was flying the A380 yesterday KLAX-OMDB and while climbing the plane would not climb past FL260. I tried putting flaps down and speeding up but nothing worked. Please advise on what to do in the future if this happens and try to figure out why it happened.

If your V/S was high lower it down I guess your weight was fairly high

My V/S was 300 feet. My weight was nothing but fuel.

And speed (KIAS)?

Speed was 305 knot airspeed when this happened.

What was your weight and load at the time?

I was 95% full at the time. I had 93% of fuel left.

Without a video of the flight with your controls it will be hard to nail down the exact reason. 99% of the time is comes down to weight, speed, and VS.

You can always try again and record the flight and see if it happens again.


It may just be because of wind. I will try again soon.

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