A380 being weird

So I flew the a380 and today as I was descending it was on autopilot it started to go up on its own and started ascending And in my opinion the a380 is not very good


It is a old aircraft.

The A380 is a very old aircraft and the physics of the aircraft aren’t very accurate. If the it’ll get a rework then the physics will be improved. You can vote for it in the #features category.

How fast were you descending? The a/c might have tried to level off while it was descending very fast.

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The A380 has bad physics because it’s one of the older planes. If it’s important to you can vote here for a rework: Airbus A380 Rework

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I don’t think this really belongs in the support category…

It doesn’t belong in #support anymore. The OP thought it was a problem with his device now we are telling him that it isn’t, the a380 needs a rework and it Isn’t the best but it is what we got. This can be moved to #general now

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No I think about it is old didn’t realise that thank you all for your replies

I think you guys are missing the point here. The OP has asked for clarification on an issue that happened while he was flying. @Leron_Gundlur is the only one to address this so far.

Lewis, there could be many reasons why this happened to you. First, as Leron mentioned that your VS might have been a little much when making adjustments to other aspects of the Auto-Pilot, the aircraft may suddenly pitch up and then go back down. Second, did you apply flaps? The flaps usually cause the nose to pitch up. If descending rapidly, this may have been one of your issues. Let me know if this helped at all, or if you did not do any of these steps. :)

We haven’t really diagnosed the problem, so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

@Lewis_McGarry, can you please provide the following: speed, flaps, trim, and VS if able. Thanks!


This has helped I was descending quite fast because I was 138nm from destination and I was 40,000ft because I was in my lounge and just forgot about it on so my vs was -2,400

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Sometimes when you descend too fast like that the AP makes minor adjustments (Which in IF are major/sudden movements) Your plane doing this is just a side-effect of you descending too fast. For future reference check out this website for a great descent rate and how far out you should descend.

Probably thank you

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