A380 beacon lights

Dear all,

Maybe this has been discussed, but the beacon lights of the A380 seem to be wring, The original has two beacon lights on top of the plane.



A picture of A380 beacon lights is needed to discuss your matter.

No, I don’t think this has been discussed… recently.

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The a380’s beacon lights sure are unique. You raise a fair point here. @LeoZiegenhorn


So how can we get this correted?


It would have to be changed during a rework.

How do we get them to do this?

Get this topic to enough likes so that the devs see (and remember) this for the next update.

This could come with a rework…

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Agreed, the A380 needs an overhaul.


its just a reflection probably

Shouldn’t this be in the support catagory?

The A380 has two positioned next to each other, rather than one-behind-the-other.

I think its just because of the height/width/overall size of the fuselage to make it more visible from each side… The actual light itself is pretty small!

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Yeah the developers should rework the A380 and add the two beacon lights :-)

Yes and yes! Rework the A380!

(Does this need to moved to ‘features’?)

Scratch that

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