A380 at lukla

Has anyone actually been able to successfully takeoff and land the A380 at Lukla. I was fine with takeoff, but landing,…

Let’s just say that my 0 passengers were in for a rough ride

Landing the A380 has Lukla would be near impossible, feel free to prove me wrong.

The A380 is a outdated aircraft with terrible physics, that’s your first challenge. Then landing a plane that is near impossible to fly into a short runway…

And it’s huge, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to fly, and that’s why I chose it😉



You can land that there, you can land anything anywhere

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There are some in YouTube. But I wouldn’t recommend to use the A380 in Live. Especially in TS/Expert, as that can be subject of ghosting and you might get a violation aswell.

If you would like to try it, I would highly recommend to try it in Solo 😉


I tried it on TS. Also, has anyone tried to do that while doing a “pattern” I spawned in my massive AF A380 and then a 208 spawned like right below me, almost like my A380 gave birth

You can’t do a pattern in Lukla, I’m afraid. Let alone in A380, even with General Aviation planes you can’t do that. As there’s a mountain on the other side of the runway

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What I mean by pattern is taking off, turning around, and landing

I find being on TS to be more fun and challenging as there are other players and you don’t feel lonely. ATC can’t ghost on TS though, and what violation could happen

Yeah. But I guess not everyone on that airport may be happy to see an A380 spawning in Lukla unfortunately. It would be better if you do it in Solo instead in the future 😉

Yeah😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 totally

Btw George, I’m 14, been Avgeek since 2012, VA is AFKLM, AF109, pleased to meet you

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Everyone is always crying about Realism™ on this forum…when it comes to which liveries fly where, or whether there’s a livery parked at the wrong gate.

But everyone is cool with flying to space. And landing a 388 at Lukla on a live server. And climbing out at 7000 FPM. And making a 90 degree turn over the ramp with parallel departures.

How about instead of debating the Realism™ of livery registrations we stop promoting the asinine for actual flight?