A380 ascending issue

When im flying the a380 im always having an hard time to reach FL370 i was about to fly LFPG-KJFK on airfrance a380 but i can’t ascend properly my speed decreases then the plane descends pilot error or IF issue?

The A380 cant climb that high if your to heavy it max out due to weight

Is your Pitch too high?

Without going into too much detail, google “step climb” on how to reach these heights. 370 is pretty high to get to right off the bat with a heavy aircraft. You’ll prolly want to go to 320 (even numbers going west, odd going east), and then a few hours later make your climb up to 360 or 380


Thank you my next flight will be emirates a380 dubai-perth

Little tip make sure your flaps aren’t set after takeoff

@zid_roxas you need to utilize “step climbing”.
Here’s a step climbing tutorial:

Along with utilising step climbing I would like to know what your typical VS is when ascending to such altitudes?

Oh ok thank you now i know

Oh by the way what is the vs when you ascend in the a380

Once you reach 330 I would climb very slowly at 1000-1500ft VS

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Even though technically the a380 can cruise at FL370, I would suggest staying at or below FL340, otherwise you will not get any sort of fuel economy burn.

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An A380 normally flies at FL400 so it is unusual to see. if you are struggling to get to this flight level try making your vertical speed on the ascent up to 1800fpm. And once you get to your cruise, don’t look at airspeed, look at mach speed. An A380 should cruise at 40000 feet and mach 0.85

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large airlines like a380, B777, B787, B747, MD11 always do step climb. they can reach FL400 but not at one go. although B747 has really powerful engine. but still would recommend step climb. climb to FL300. build airspeed then to FL 350. and finally to FL 400. also dont go over FL360 if you are too heavy. loose fuel for about an hour. then climb in long flights. you can make out when you are too heavy the, that even at level flight above FL 360 you will be pitched high.

I never got to FL400, unless I have tailwinds. I find that the best cruising level is between FL310 and FL340, particularly to deal with headwinds. Once I hit FL280, I set my Mach speed and climb at 1000VS.

Since the a380 is a heavy aircraft and adding the fuel onto it the likelihood is that the altitude is too much for the plane to handle. As your fuel gets lower you can ascend to a higher altitude if you want.

Just use simbref and convert it with the converter and do what it tells you to do:)

Step climbing is definitely essential. Also, keep in mind that the A380 is an old aircraft in desperate need of a rework, so it may not be able to perform as well or the same as the actual aircraft.

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Yes. It’s performs better than the real life A388 like the B752

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I don’t agree with you on that. Yes: the A380 does cruise at FL400 (actually it mostly cruises at FL380-400) but it does that towards the end of the flight. Remember that in most cases it flies very long distances and it has to take a big amount of fuel. Initial cruising altitude is normally around FL320-FL350. Then step climb