A380 APU Issue

Device: iPad 10th Generation
Operating system: Latest

I spawned in Doha in the Airbus A380. As per usual a, my engines and APU were off. I flicked on the APU, but even after multiple attempts, and waiting a few minutes, the screen did not turn on. I’ve followed the same APU startup process literally hundreds of times and have never encountered such an issue.

I decided to try and pushback to see if it was just a weird bug with that specific gate, but, despite the Main Battery being on, when I attempted to start the engines, it told me something to the effect “engage Main battery.”

I ended up ending the flight, because you can’t take off with dysfunctional avionics and no engine power.

Any thoughts?

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Did you do the right sequence? APU off > start APU > wait 3 sec > APU ON?

I think we can assume that they would have done this process already

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This is still most likely a user input error. A wrong sequence of turning things on. It might also be that the game didn’t register turning the main battery on before the APU.

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In that exact order, yes. Waiting period included.

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I bet APU was set to “ON” instead of “START” by accident.

It’s possible to set APU to “ON” and the button getting lit without actually starting the APU.

It’s confusing and shouldn’t be happening.
It has been noted internally.
Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


Auto start is always an option. 🙃