A380 approach mode glideslope issues


I am really enjoying the new A380! However, I wanted to highlight an issue that I had on my first flight.

On approach to DFW rwy 18R I noticed some approach mode vertical guidance issues. First, the glideslope capture was very slow and I was soon high on the descent profile. This caused the descent rate to become higher than ideal and it was now difficult to slow to final approach speed. However, I was able to stabilize the approach at close to 1000 AGL. I activated approach mode with an airspeed of 180 kts, level at 3000 MSL, on the extended centerline, below the glideslope, about 10 miles out. Second, after I was stabilized for a short time, the plane started to become high on the profile again and caused me to land 1500-2000 feet beyond the touchdown zone. Obviously can’t have long landings in a plane of this size! Screenshots below show me on the glideslope on short final and still coming in high. Has this happened to anyone else?


I sure wish they can fix the APPR soon 😕


I did an ILS to 16L (I think that’s right anyway) at Haneda, with the new A380 using APPR. There didn’t seem to be any issues up until I took control for a manual landing. Conditions were quite gusty.

But I’ll go back and try again.

did you say… haneda?

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Yes, that’s right.

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Not a big issue, but I find it a bit odd since A380s don’t fly to Haneda due to the big restrictions it has.

180kts shouldn’t be a problem for intercept, ill try my landing and see if I get the same thing.

I wouldn’t doubt that. But I was doing a first flight with the A380 to check out Narita, and I thought after takeoff, “what to do now?” Haneda is close. So, it was two interesting 3D airports for a test spin. Plus, I know that area in real life so well.

I was near that speed.

I just also tried DFW 18R. I made the error of coming in a bit too high near the start of the cone (was above 3000 AGL) and so had to descend into the glide slope with a bit higher descent rate. But well before 1500 AGL (I’m not sure how much before), I was locked on localizer and glideslope (even with an auto descent rate correction caused by abrupt wind drop).

It was maybe a touch off centerline for a bit, but that got mostly corrected out. And I just let APPR go all the way to autoland touchdown. It touched down somewhat after the aiming marks, more toward the next set of marks. I was just under MLW.

Ideally, I would try it a few more times though, because I had some question of me messing with the early part of the approach, the effect of winds, and getting more of a feel for the tracking speed (because you mentioned the capture seemed slow).

edit: I tried two more times. Full auto approach and land, both times starting from level altitude. There was a bit of the GS indicator being a bit high or low, even though it shows green and locked. But it slowly corrected each time.

Definitely I noted on the last autoland I was at the third set of marks beyond the aiming marks before my wheels touched. I believe I had my autothrottle at 145kts and still just below MLW.

So, I guess in summary. I did touch down somewhat long as you said, but the tracking down to “auto retard” seemed to work ok for me.

It’s possible we may have added flaps at different speeds? At 180 kts I had flaps at f+1, that and all other extensions I was just going by trying to keep the AoA from getting too high. So, that may have influenced my drag profile enough to keep the speed from building for the GS angle. But that’s just my best guess for why the results may have differered.


I just did an autoland into LAX 24R and it touched down right on the thousand foot markers (albeit rather firmly), the only difference is this time I didn’t use auto throttle because the winds were gusty.

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Ok thanks, I should try that without the auto throttle next time, and see if I can somehow also keep it consistently closer to the thousand-foot marker.

I just updated all of DFW’s ILSes. The changes will be reflected in a future update. Hopefully, this will correct the issue.


Just to confirm, you’re saying the later touchdown positions is due to the current ILS positioning?

Not exactly. For navigation editing purposes, I coin ILS and GS as one term.

So, to be more specific, I updated all of the ILSes and all of the glideslopes with new runway coordinates and the new field elevation (based on the RTM version of the airport).

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discovered a slightly different issue just now landing in narita. departed dubai and approached with about 40% load and couldn’t arm appr due to weight limits… was wondering if anyone could enlighten me with the max weight for appr

All I know for every aircraft in the game must be under the MLW, if your weight is orange (above MLW) APPR will not work.

I believe Thai used to send an A380 to Haneda back in the day

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Thai flew their 744s to Haneda, bur not their A388s. That would be Narita :)

I don’t use the appr for landing I use it for getting to 1000 feet and I land manually

Thats why I fly proven aircraft in IF, ones ik and love, cough cough MD- cough 11.
I’m sure all the bugs will be worked out eventually. Just give it some time.