A380 and 747 Taxi charts

I was watching a Captain Joe video and it I said that certain aircraft like the 747 and A380 have special taxiway charts that they’re required to use and because I am crazy about realism I’m trying to find them so I can actually follow them when using the A380 or 747 can someone tell me where I can find the special charts for these aircraft

Hi I’m from Montreal Canada , to try and help you I did a little digging and I think that they are many links to worldwide airports about taxiways for certain aircraft types like a380 and 747’s but I did find a link https://www.aerocali.com.co/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/CLO-OPS-AC-CAT-F-A380-B744-8ENG.pdf which can give you an idea to which taxiways to use on large airports let me know if it helps

i have access to jeppesen taxi charts that come with taxi charts for the 747 and a380 lmk dm me if you want some of the chars from different airports