A380 Ailerons

Aren’t the Ailerons supposed to visually move around? They don’t seem to work for me

Not sure what your exact circumstances are, but for me they work pretty fine. You have to roll your plane quite frequently for the dancing ailerons to really show up though

The roll spoilers deploying is largely dependent on your control sensitivity setting. It should be relatively easy on high sensitivity, not so much with low.

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I do find the ailerons movements underwhelming, nothing like in the IF teaser trailer!

So for default settings it’s meh but adjusting to a more sensitive settings will see more movement? Interesting

They don’t really work on autopilot and I can’t see any aileron movement at all on replay, let alone dancing ailerons. Same for the roll spoilers. Quite disappointing after the trailer but maybe they can tweak and improve it in a hotfix.

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It’s impossible to get roll spoilers below 80% sensitivity, which is annoying for me because I generally keep my sensitivity at 50%

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It’s been internally noted that the ailerons don’t move as much as in real life.
Note that this is the first rendition of dancing ailerions.
Hopefully the next version will be more satisfying. :)