A380-800 simulator

Found this at the mall in Dubai. image


There are B77W and A388 simulators at the Emirates Aviation Experience in London. But they are pretty expensive…

Yeah this one was pricey as well. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money, plus there’s more flight controls in IF then their sim had. Would love it to kill time though. If only I could get IF software uploaded into it and moved into my living room.

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There is also another simulator at Kidzania (Dubai Mall).

I don’t believe I ever saw kidzania, barely knew where I was the entire time trying to navigate the 4 floors that mall has to offer.

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£45 for 30 minutes at the London ones. They are not fully funtional fixed based simulators though, rather a simplified version of a fixed base. You can only use the rudder/brake pedals, sidstick, throttles, reversers, gear, speedbrake, and flaps.

At £45 for 30 minutes they are reasonably pirced for what they are.

I’ve been there, video on my YT channel “AviationDXB”

The dubai simulator

I’am gonna check that!

Emirates has the most A380s and 777s then any other airliners

And also the most popular airline ever they are staff from all over the world