A380-800 nose heavy

Is it just me or does anyone think the setup of the A380-800s in IF is a bit nose heavy at cruising altitude? (it points downwards slightly)

In other words, when I fly other planes at cruising speed/altitude they appear balanced from a side profile. Not dipping low on either the nose or on the tail end. But when I fly the A380-800 it appears to dip more lower on the nose end as if it were descending even when cruising.

Anyone notice the same?

Are you sure you don’t have the flaps on when you are at cruising altitude?

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The A380 is the biggest civil aircraft ever maded, so it’s normal that it’s more heavy than other planes

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It’s a trim issue…

Check this out ;)


checked. definitely no flaps at cruising. its the only plane model in IF that appears this way. I’m pretty sure if I place a balance ruler at cruising on the side profile, it would indicate a downward slope on the nose end 🤔🛬

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The A380 has an old flight model, I think I have the same problem…but I don’t fly the A380 regularly.


so there is a known trim/pitch issue? nose heavy? has it been around since the begining?

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757 does this to, but they are older models


It is indeed, the A388 will (hopefully) be the next plane to be remodeled.

It appears on the A333 and A346, too btw…


It’s so bad on the A330 that I find it difficult to flare the aircraft when landing.

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Have a correct velocity and make sure you don’t have your flaps on

I don’t really fly the a380 but have you tried lowering your cruise speed?

I don’t think it’s because it’s nose heavy. IMO because of the way the physics are modeled, the wings are generating lift at your crusing speed, so to counteract that lift generated the A/P is trimming the aircraft a few degrees nose down to maintain level and straight flight and selected altitude.

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The landing speeds are not realistic at all then…

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