A380-800(Back to the future)

This is a continuation of the Boeing 373 Stratocruiser topic in which I went way back into the past, as shown by the title(when you realize that you could have come up with a better title). Many of you are wondering what in the the world is this guy talking about in that case I suggest you go check it out and maybe even leave a like😂(I had to try at least). Jokes asides let’s dive right in.

The Airbus 380-800 is a double deck aircraft that is truly a marvel of science and engineering.Its bigger than any mansion you could ever dream of. It makes excellent use of its space and offers passengers attainable luxury. Eye-catching bars or business areas, beautiful inviting cabin lighting and the the quietest cabin in the sky, ladies and gentlemen it has it all. Boosting the most traveling experience in the skies, not even the Boeing 747-400 can come close to what it has achieved. The A380 is a modern icon that has flown over 500,000 revenue flights carrying over 190 million passengers. This including more than 300 commercial flights per day, which take off or land around the world every two minutes(each two minutes it lands or takes off,need I say more).

look at that delicious food

Why is it important to the future of long distance?
What does it mean when air traffic continues to double every 15 years? It means more people are traveling around the world, and what better aircraft suited to meet the needs and demands of the passengers than the Airbus A380-800. Consisting of two full-length decks with wide body dimensions, meaning it’s two passenger levels offer an entire deck worth of additional space compared to the next largest twin-engine jetliner(if you thought one deck was big, think again). Hate airport congestion, fleet plan and traffic growth. Well look no further as right in front of you I have the solution(The A380-800). It has a benefit, what’s that you may say?(it delivers the level of efficiency nessecary to protect the environment for future generations). Its more than an than Airbus, it is a bus😂. It delivers and offers so much and is the greatest thing that man has ever created. Human kind loves to explore, pathing ways to new ideas, technology and innovations that continue to define the boundaries. It’s just plane and simple.


Winglets, Improvements and so much more…:
Does the Airbus A380plus ring a bell? An Airbus development study unveiled in 2017 for an enhanced A380. I can’t believe what my ears are hearing. The A380-800 will have increased range, greater passenger capacity and reduced fuel usage, all while keeping the sought-after A380 passenger experience intact. It even has the thing everyone loves…Winglets😂. The new Winglets that we tend both and below the wingtips, along with other wing refinements, improve aroedynamics and reduce drag-resulting in up to a 4 percent fuel burn savings, oh but theres more.It will have redisigned staircases fore and aft, a combined crew-rest compartment and sidewall removal and new seating configurations(that means an additional of 80 seats with no compromise of comfort),Increased maxuimum takeoff weight(MTOW) of 578 tonnes, providing flexibility of carrying the increased passenger capacity over the current range of 8,200 nm, or even flying 300 nm further. Last but not least a modified maintenance calendar. Good lord

A fun fact:
The four Rolls-Royce engines of the A380 are the length of a Mercedes C-series sedan and four times as heavy.The internal temperature of the engine in operation is 3100 degrees.

Just for fun:


Note: All the information created in this post came from www.airbus.com, Ravel+Leisure and thememecenter. They have beautiful and amazing websites and it would be nice if you could pop by them. All this post was hand written(It was long,but so worth it)

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Uh no, not the Air bus memes!


Beautiful job once again!! :)

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You put this together amazingly. A lot of effort, but I think you’re having trouble with formatting. You need to remove the spaces when using ‘*’

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Thanks for the feedback will work on it. Happy flying✈️

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I’m not a fan of the 380+

But I have flown on the 380 more times than I can count , but only flown it one route YSSY-NZAA (or vice versa)

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Maybe you might grow attached to it before they are retired(i cant see it happening anytime soon).Something you may not like may turn into you like😉. Thanks for the feedback and happy flying.

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Heres some liveries(I always seem to forget). I added the Retro Ba A380 livery.one however is fake but im not gonna tell you which one😂

You realise that the 747 700 is not a thing.

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I was thinking about the Boeing 737-700 when I made that part. Thanks for the correction

The new A380plus comes with many new features! Including no orders, more cramped seating and getting rid of iconic A380 features!


Cramped seating😂. I dont know if your being sarcastic or pulling my leg but thanks for the feedback.

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I’ve always been a fan of the A380. It’s size and efficiency is amazing. Sadly I don’t think the A380 is what the industry needs or wants now. They are very big and many airports can take them rendering them useless on all bar a few routes. The market is now turning to price not comfort sadly so the A380 isn’t going to last much longer I fear.

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You maybe on to something. Thanks for commenting and have a wonderful day.

Just jokin around with ya😂🤣

Oh I thought you were bieng really serious😂. Thats was how good it was.

Everything looks better with winglets 😂😂😂

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Did I just see a five in the middle seat configuration? (shook)