A380/777/A350 Fest from @OMAA, OTHH & OMDB to @KJFK - 170230ZMAR20

The A380/A350/B777 Fest to @KJFK!

  • Aircraft and Livery: Depends.

If you’re flying from Doha to JFK, use Qatar A380 or Qatar 777 (You may use A350)
If you’re flying from Abu Dhabi to JFK, use Etihad A380 or Etihad 777
If you’re flying from Dubai to JFK, use Emirates A380 or Emirates 777 (You may use A350)

  • Route:


  • Time of Departure: 2020-03-17T02:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server

  • Additional Information: We will be flying in a conga line, starting with departures from Dubai, followed by Abu Dhabi, and then Doha. I have also created an “Aircraft” dropdown. This just means you need to tell me where you’re flying from and which aircraft, just to help others if they want to decide.

No gate assignments will be given due to #live:groupflights rules.

Aircraft & Attendees (5 Attending)
Name Aircraft Airline Departure Airport
@thenewpilot A380 Qatar OTHH
@Royce A380 Emirates OMDB
@ran A380 Etihad OMAA
@Lufthansa2 A359 Qatar OTHH
@Adriun123 A359 Qatar OTHH

Flight Time: ~14 hours


I would like to attend however, can I use the A350 from OTHH-KJFK? They operate an A350-1000 in real life…


Sure @Lufthansa2, you may! We’ll see you there!

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Thank you guys, see you all in about 2ish hours :)

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I would love to attend ! I will do OTHH to KJFK (A350) Qatar

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Got it! You’ll be signed up as well!

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Of course @ran knows I’m attending, flying the big gray and red whale to JFK.

I’m gonna try to be there and you should not assign pilot btw 😉

@GPilot118, I’m not assigning gates, I’m just helping everyone decide the aircraft and airline they’d like to use :)

That way, I can keep a track of who all are departing from where.

@GPilot118, let me know where you want to depart from and which airline.

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Sorry I’ve check and it’s 10h pm in Canada 🇨🇦
(And btw can you answer the question I’ve ask you pls, thx a lot !)

We’re departing at 10:30 EDT.

Grey and red? I thought you’re flying the goat…

Assign pilot @GPilot118? What do you mean by that?

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Qatar’s colors are grey and red. I think what @GPilot118 is trying to say is we should have free choice of aircraft use.

The question about star alliance

No not that
I’m say to @ran to answer the questions that I asked him via PM and i say that it’s too late for me because I live In Canada

Then let me know that in the PM :)

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@NoahM, you up for this? 14 hours, don’t know if your phone can handle it…

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Ahhh darn it, I would’ve been able to join, but I just left Manchester for Cancun on an overnighter :(

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Hey @ran should we make a PM for the people attending the event? Just to make things more organized.

If you want I can organize the flight plan from OTHH-KJFK so that we all fly in one line and not go all separate ways, possibly crashing into each other, etc.

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Yes @Lufthansa2, that would be great!

I will create a PM, but if you can get the FPL for Doha to JFK, that’s be great! I might make a few tweaks so that we get the conga line feel.

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