A359 Step Climbs

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I have a question

(Please… Correct me on anything)

Why does the IF A359 step climbs above FL350 not match the same or close to real life?

The IF A350 does not stabilize N1 85% above the FL350 on the values corresponding to the real life, it will increase the weight ranges, with this increasing the time to reach the next step climb

A359 of real life:
“(*approximated values from SimBrief.com)”

FL340: 266.000
360: 246.000
380: 227.000
400: 207.000

FL330: 276.000
350: 256.000
370: 236.000
390: 217.000
410: 196.000
430: 176.000

Now A359 of IF

FL320: 280.000
340: 265.800
360: 245.000
380: 221.000
400: 197.000

FL330: 280.000
350: 255.000
370: 234.000
390: 208.000
410: 184.000

Did you notice the difference? This is bad :(

So… Is this a CG problem? Or another?

*A step climb in aviation is a series of altitude gains that improve fuel economy by moving into thinner air as an aircraft becomes lighter and becomes capable of flying in the thinner air at higher altitude. (Wikipedia)

I thank those who speak! ☺️

You could use a higher climb thrust setting - 85% N1 is quite low for climb thrust especially at high altitudes.

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