A359 + Japan Airlines = ❤

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 Japan Airlines
Flight time: 9:10
Server: Expert

At the Tokyo Haneda International Terminal

The reddest A339 in the world and our engine


hook to the right after takeoff from RWY34R

after 8 hours of flight… We’re over California!

foggy in Los Angeles

View from RWY24L to the KLAX tower

meeting in the fog

Welcome to Los Angeles!

P.S. it would be cool to put this on the boot screen :)

Thanks for watching!


Nice shots, I love flying JALs A350s, they need JAL A350 international routes irl 😢


I do have to agree, that last photo would look really cool on the load screen!

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Perfect pictures…beautiful airplane…truly amazing

PS that is actually a good boot pic :P

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Nice shots, although JAL doesn’t fly International with their A350 😢

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