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Hey IFC! I was wondering how the flaps on the A359 work. I was wondering if on departure and on decent what flap settings are typically used in real life. For example, the B737 series uses 1, 5, 15, 25, 30, and sometimes 40. They don’t use every flap setting. I was wondering if the A359 uses all of its flap settings, or do they skip a couple. Thanks!


I fly the A350 quite frequently and I use flaps 2 for departure and 1 or 1+F for descent.

You can check this out too:

Flaps 1+F or flaps 2 are acceptable for takeoff. In real life, flaps 1+F is not a dedicated setting, it only happens for takeoff when you select flaps 1. Therefore, flaps 1+F is always “skipped” on approach because it simply cannot be selected while airborne


I am more so talking about during flight operations. For example, if you looks at the A330 series guide, you can see flaps 1 is only meant to be used on the departure phase of the flight, not to be used on the approach phase. That’s what I’m wondering about the A359. Are there any flaps that shouldn’t be used during a specific phase during the flight?

According to this diagram from Airbus, Flaps 1 is used during approach at high speeds, where the flaps will then extend to become the 1+F setting at lower speeds before Flaps 2 is extended. Since the automatic transition from 1 to 1+F on approach is not simulated in IF, you will have to carry it out manually.

Flaps 1+F, 2 and 3 are all approved settings for takeoff. Flaps 3 and Full can be used for landing.


So flaps 1 is not used for takeoff/climbout, correct?

That is correct. The flaps are directly retracted to 0 after takeoff.


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What I’ve heard from real world Airbus pilots they say when you select flaps 1 on the ground you get slats and flaps hence 1+f in the air flaps 1 only gives you slats not flaps

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It would be cool if IF did the automated things AIRBUSES do, as showned above or explained below :

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Hi! For an average weight departure you’re looking to use 1+F, and 2 for heavy departures. 1+F irl is what is selected irl when you choose flaps 1 on the ground. After departure, you avoid the Flaps 1 setting, as this is only used for when on approach and at high speed, and instantly go straight to Flaps 0. On landing you’re looking to use full flaps. However, you can always refer to this guide!

If I’m wrong on anything however, please feel free to correct me.

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I’ve also heard some Airbus can take off with flaps 3 but only on short runways since flaps 3 lets them takeoff from a shorter distance

I set the flats to 1


Yeah but an example John Wayne airport in real life is a flaps 3 departure airport

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All Airbus
You put the lever on FLAPS 1, the plane sets itself to 1+F = Slats+Flaps (1+Flaps) (1+F).
You put the lever on FLAPS 1, the plane sets itself to Slats only (1).
Flaps 2 takeoff depends of your PERF calc.
Flaps 3 takeoff is not really use but possible (go-around).
Flaps FULL takeoff = NO!
In the case of a Flaps 3 takeoff, at acceleration altitude you directly set Flaps 1.
Go around
TOGA, positve climb, set flaps N-1 / gear up. You are probably in flaps 3 like a flaps 3 takeoff.

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