A350s! (My Best Shots)


I love the A350s as much as the 787s! Love the Last picture!


Awesome stuff, keep doing what you are doing !!!


Nice! I like the last one


Singapore and Hong Kong Airlines <3


Really cool pics


I’ll be going to LHR to plane spot on Sunday, Hopefully, I can catch something.


Check Philippine Airlines Manila - LHR schedule. They use the A350 for that flight :)


I like the pictures but please put this into a topic as this is for the A350 best shots not plane spotting others pictures you could create a topic with those in it as it doesn’t meet the criteria of this topic


Sorry didn’t even notice


That’s ok we all have mistakes made at some point


Wow!! Great shots! I especially love the 9th picture!


The A350 has a characteristic high-cockpit-windshield look. It looks very much like a raccoon mixed with a Crj, (a weird combination) and has the shape of an acorn. This may be the weirdest posts I’ve made, but it is on-topic.


Y’all this isn’t a topic to post your pictures of A350s, this is a topic for me to showcase my pictures. Please stop posting your pictures here.


I was only asking what you thought about my shot because I kind of liked yours.


Not specifically directed at you, but you could’ve sent me a private message instead of posting in the topic.


Please read the posts almost directly above yours!


Matt, um, maybe this thread could benefit from a title change. Just a suggestion lol


I just added a “My” in front of the Best Shots :)

Hopefully that works!


My god… Every picture is soo sexy!!

Great photos buddy !