A350s! (My Best Shots)



This topic is dedicated to the Airbus A350! After my 787 topic I’ve had many requests to do an A350 topic, so here it is! Enjoy it!


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pictures and the A350! What’s your favorite between the 2 variants? Mine would be the -1000, I love the way it looks.

How much do you like the A350?

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These pictures were taken with a 75-300 and a 70-200L, both by Canon, with a Canon 80D for the body.

Also, let me know what aircraft I should do a topic like this on next!


Matt you never disappoint!

Maybe A330 shots if you have any for your next thread;)


Ooh! A330! That may be a bit tough, but hopefully I can put something together! Thanks!


Awesome as always, Matt! What camera do you use again? Those shots are crisp.


The second Delta A350 Captain is onto you! Zoom in. 😂


Just a suggestion! Don’t feel like you have to do it because of me! They’re your threads!


Amazing! The A350 is so gorgeous.


Sorry if I just got r/wooshed.

Great shots Matt! I still haven’t spotted a single A350


Nice photos Matt! I’ve never seen an a350 in real life, but your photos look like you took a chunk out of real life and put it on a camera roll!


Very nice shots! What are your settings for the night pictures?


Wow! Nice! You are a pro


The first and last are fire! 😍


It’s at the bottom of my post, my Instagram bio and my JetPhotos bio…


Yea, but that means I have to grab my phone and open instagram 😂😂😂


All of them Outstandingly Beautiful. The last one, the night shot of the SQ A350 looks stunningly cool. Well I would nothing less from your professionalism Matt. Keep up the great work!! 💪❤

Also, I would love to see you take pictures of the Airbus A340 if you can :)


Great photos!


Outstanding photos, especially the last Singapore. You’re a great photographer!


These picture are amazing, really like them 👍


Nice shots! 🙂


Great captures, particularly like that last one in low light, the colours and light flares are superb