A350s in Milan!

Here are some pictures of my landing in Milan today after a flight from Doha in the Qatar Airways A350 with an SAS and an IF livery A350 in the background!

Original version

Here’s a sunset version


Nice pictures and I love seeing the Airbus A350’s aligned together. But, you could’ve added more pictures to your previous topic posted today since they are taken on the same date and flight.

Not only the topic would look better but it is also against the screenshot category rules, to post more than one topic within 24 hours.

Other tips, you can use the replay mode and take pictures on a much better resolution quality. It will look much better using the in game screenshot tool. I hope this helps!


I flagged this for closure as it’s against the rules. Sorry :/
There is also no need to post a second topic featuring the exact same thing as your first one.

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See “screenshot category rules” as mentioned by Kuba. Thanks!