A350iscool’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey everybody! I’m trying to practice to improve my ATC skills, because I want to be IFATC one day.I want to be tested on transitions, runway changes, and entering back into the pattern. Feedback is appreciated, so feel free to tell me here, or in a PM.I will be open from 30 minutes to an hour. And as always, this will be on the training server. Anybody can come, and thank you for spending some time of your day to help some person on the forum.


I’m now closed.

I agree the A350 is cool :-)

Can I suggest you study this thread and see if you can improve your tracking thread?


Thank you, I made some changes. Feel free to tell me if anything looks off!

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I’m now open at KPSP. Using runways 31L and 31R, and I will be open for about an hour.

Hey, I will be there!

Ok, thank you so much! And also I thought I said taxi to 31L but I did taxi to runway 31R. Sorry about that.

Problem was mine, you told me 31L, 31R is too narrow for A318

Oh yeah whoops. I was looking at the tbm’s taxi instruction.


I have your feedback ready! here or PM

Session was great although suggesting opening at another airport

You can put it here! And yeah, I definitely will.

Could you wait 1hr?

Yeah, sure! Thank you so much for coming!

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I am now closed. Thank you for coming!

Thank you also for your great controlling!

I ran out of likes. But thank you!

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Mee too!

See soon

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Hello everybody! I am open for my second time today. This time at LFBO. We are using runways 14L/14R. I will be open for about an hour again. Thank you!

Thanks for the service!

Just some very minor things to mention. I switched to tower as I was approaching 14L and you had me switch back to ground. There was no need for this as I was the only aircraft on the ground and clear to the runway. You would direct me back to ground if you anticipated the need for progressive taxi or conflict with another aircraft.

Good runway change commands.

The last thing was the duplicate landing clearance. You cleared me for the option and then gave me a landing clearance after I reported “full stop.” No need to give another clearance and the “Roger” suffices since I am already cleared to land.

Good controlling and good luck on the journey to joining us on IFATC! I’ll try to join another session soon.


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Thank you so much for the feedback and thank you for coming!

I actually did not know this, so thank you for clearing this up!

And for the “full stop” I wasn’t too sure if I could just say roger.

When you requested to taxi to the runway my hand went all over the place. 😂

Again, thank you so much for coming! And have a nice IFC anniversary!

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