A350 XWB vs B777 vs B787

Which do you think is the best of the three aircrafts and why?

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787 or newer versions of the 777. Why?

  • The engines have a cool, frilly skirt on them.
  • 787-8 is just a midget in the most perfect way.
  • 777 has charm ( 772 especially ).

Although this may look like I am some kind of ‘anti-Airbus’ guy, I’m not. In this instance it’s just personal preference.

That’s what I want. Only opinions and personal preferences.

Personally, I prefer the 787 over the 777. more smooth too me :).

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And what about the A350? What’s your opinion?

it’s nice, not too interested in it though. so not sure really lol.

Poll time!

  • A350
  • B777
  • B787

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Ok thank you!

What a nice idea! Thank you for making this…

What an awesome question but always Airbus for me

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A350 for me.

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Some may not find it interesting.

Tough…but I voted 777 because I’ve know it for longer ;)

A350 XWB? Gimme a break…

777 is the established champion, no doubt - the upcoming 777 -8 and -9 should be a real headache for Airbus and their strategy, namely how do they defend the A380 with such a tough competitor.

787 is techically innovative but an economic train wreck for Boeing. Will it ever break even? It seems to be hitting the performance numbers according the British Airways and ANA. The 787-10 looks like a interesting variant and a nice 777-200ER replacement.

A350 remains to be seen. Let’s see if it’s hitting it’s fuel burn and dispatch reliability numbers when both the -900 and -1000 have a few dozen planes out there in daily operation.

I prefer B787 since Air Canada has one and there’s more out there. Designwise I like both B787 and A350. Haha my account name is DreamlinerXWB after all. Get it? ;)

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The frilly skirt are noise and pollution reducing chevrons meant 747-8 and 787 (all variants)

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The 777-8 and 777-9 are known as “mini-jumbo” jets.

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Ive vote B777 because 4 is my auspicios number and I was born at 3:01 am in the morning. 3x1= 3 + 4 = 7. Iam living in Apartmant No: 25 (2 + 5 = 7) and in the 3rd floor
(7 • 7 • 7).