A350 wing view

Poped down to LEMD today in the Iberia A350 on a flight over to Heathrow but I didn’t have time to finish 😔 however, the picture is me departing from 36R at Madrid

Server: Expert
Time: 1 hour 30 at least at the point I ended flight
Route: LEMD -> EGLL

Hope you enjoyed the picture.

Stay safe and enjoy your day / night.


Nice! I’m about to fly this same route with the same plane shortly :)


Hope you enjoyed your flight then as I am 9 hrs late to tell you 😁

I did indeed, and am currently in the air again. Just left the United States en route to Jeddah from Los Angeles.

Who does not like a wing view! Very nice.

Thanks Luke.

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Lovely shot as always mate!