A350 Wing view fix

Hello IFC community🖐 As you know I really love the A350 and you do too. Now there is one thing I don’t like about it. The wing views. Now I am not blaming anyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love the wing views but I just think it can be better. Like in the pictures I took yesterday. Let me know what you guys think. I need to know your opinion (And please don’t get upset at me 🙁🙏)


If you would like to request a change to the wing views, go to #features and make a topic/vote on one (I don’t think there is one, but I’ll check). But since you’re TL1, you can’t post a topic there, just like and post some more, and you’ll get to TL2 so you can post in #features soon.

Edit: I couldn’t find a relatively active wing view #features thread for any plane, let alone the A350. Once you get to TL2 you can make one for what you’re requesting/saying.


Ok. Thanks

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Yes exactly! I tried that trick out with the free cam view too
It looks pretty good in the 737’s and the 787


Hi there! Once you’re TL2 you’re welcome to make a feature request. If you have any questions, feel free to ask myself or any available moderators. Cheers!