A350- Where it'll fly, which airlines have ordered, etc.

I was surfing the Web when I came across this article about the a350. It’s really interesting…

I know that Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific(future) will operate an A350 to Düsseldorf the first A350 landed there a few weeks ago, at Düsseldorf

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I know! The people from Düsseldorf are lucky! So many a350s!

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Didn’t Cathay Recently launch long haul flights from Hong Kong to Dusseldorf with the A350

Yeah we are :D but the A350 of Singapore Airlines arrive really early so I won’t see it anyways :( I hope the Cathay will come at better times

I’m not sure if they already did it or in a few weeks/months

They operate their 777-300ER atm

Man sadly non come here to LAX.

Yeah, but as more airlines order them, ex. azul, they will be quite frequent. Lots come to NY, Boston 😋.

16 A350 for Iberia😋😋😋

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