A350 weight chart

Can anyone please show me a screenshot of the weight and balance of a the a350

Scroll down to specifications
Everything you’d need is there

I didn’t find the weight

It’s all there, what weight are you looking for specifically?

I am looking for the MTW

MTOW you mean?


It’s the first listed weight, 280t

Not to be that guy, but all of this is easily found with a google search

that’s what I mean

I did and I didn’t find anything.

Pretty simple to find

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I’m not on my phone so it gives me a different thing but sorry


No worries, I’d just suggest looking it up first, and if you really can’t find anything, then search the IFC, and if you still can’t find your answer, make a post.

But I hope that answered your question, 280,000 kilograms


Even more easy… you can find the MTOW and MLW in IF:

  1. Spawn in
  2. Weight & Balance
  3. At the top of the screen you will find these information

I’m still flying that’s why I can’t check

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MTOW: 617,294 lbs / 280,000 kg
MLW: 456,357 / 207,000 kg
And a tip just in case: if you need to know if you are over MTOW/MLW just select airplane load on the IF status bar. If it’s red - you’re over MTOW, if it’s yellow, you’re over MLW but bellow MTOW and if it’s white you’re bellow both of them


oh thank you sooo much bro

Your cruise speed for an A350-900 should be about m.84/85 too :) just to let ya know!

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