A350 waypoint altitudes

As most of you know the A350 has a vertical waypoint “map” under the horizontal map. and with 20.1 we have sids and stars and vnav. in real life, the waypoints on the a350 are also at the altitude you have set them for. so we should have that on the real a350. i think it will be a great addition of realism and will help you visualise the altitudes.

(sorry i couldn’t find a photo of the waypoints at different altitudes but you can see what i am talking about under the map)
Thanks @Marcus1

thanks sorry i have fixed it

Hmm… looks good. Might drop a vote but I want to spare it. God one tho, if only I had more votes

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Looks like something we need, anyways, maybe fix your title. It says 1350 instead of a350

whoops sorry thanks for the pickup