A350 vs 777

When the new updated 777 will come out, will you fly it as much as you fly the A350 now? Personally yes, they are both my favorite plane and I’m hype but let’s give the developers a break because they worked really hard for us!


well, personally I will fly more the A350 since it has my favorite liveries, but in the b777 I still don’t know what features there will be :)

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I’m thinking the 777 will have maybe the same technology that the A350 currently have so I’m really excited seeing it.

As much as I love the A350, I’m probably going to fly the 777 more for BAVA because then I actually have a purpose to fly

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  • B777
  • A359

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Will we see 19.5 update or will it be in 2020? Also will it include b777? I would prefer A350.

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There will be no 19.5 but 20.1 for 2020 :-)


Correct if I’m wrong but I think the 777 will feature a RAT (Ram air turbine)


I’m definitely going to fly the B777 more 😀


Looking at the picture provided this looks like the case.

I know there’s gonna be gear TILT on the 777 and I’m excited for that. A Jin Air livery would be cool

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In this is a mention of gear tilt

No, I will fly the 777 all the way

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The 777 is the best and most used and versatile aircraft out there. You can fly short-hauls in Asia, transcon in the US, and long haul all over the world. I’m sure the devs will give it some sweet new liveries too.


I love the A350 but I’ll probably used the 777 more since it has more short haul routes and a lot more airlines operate it.


I‘m really enjoying the 350 currently but when the 777 rework will come out I’ll probably fly the 777 way more as it’s just my favorite aircraft and because of my favorite airline Air Canada is flying them a lot.


777 and can’t wait for more liveries that IF will add

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As a Montreal dude, I’m really hoping for AC’s new livery on the 777 (787 and A330 too)


I’ll be running the 777 way more than the A350. Don’t get me wrong I like Airbus and the 350 but the triple 7 is more proven with more airlines operating it.

I will likely fly the 777 more when released as it will have British Airways, AA and United.

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