A350 Votes

I’m sorry if this dosen’t belong here, but I just had to point out: why does the A350 feature request still have ~1200 votes??? It’s already been confirmed. Same as the B777, it’s been confirmed, but it still has 420 votes. People need to remove those votes and start moving forward and vote on other feature requests that have not been confirmed by Infinite Flight.

Edit: not here to start an argument just want to discuss this peacefully :)


Because lots of people are inactive and had voted for it.


Some people are inactive and don’t see that it’s been confirmed, however, people can do as they please with their votes, and you can’t tell people where to put there votes


Only the XWB has been confirmed, and the thread talks about the whole A350 family. (-1000 etc.)


I’m not telling them where to put it, just to remove it from a topic that has been confirmed. And also, most people are still active

In that case, a A350-1000 thread should be created, as maybe not everyone would want a -1000

The XWB is a marketing name. It includes both main variants, the -900 and the -1000 and their various upgrades. But yes, the -1000 won’t be included so the votes are still valid.


But it’s still 1 thread and why would you want to use up 2 votes for the different variants when they are all in 1?

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Like finishing up the A330 rework?

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I vote for something until it comes out like a full rework on the A330 :)

I believe the A350 has been confirmed. The developers have said that it coming out and they are showing a timeline on their work on it. It’s safe to say that it’s definitely coming out.

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@DeerCrusher or any moderator, when do users get their vote back? Does this happen when the aircraft is released to IF?

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Yea the -900 has been confirmed, not the -1000

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I’m talking about the A350 in general.

When the topic is closed the user(s) gets their vote back.


Uhhhh… check B777 topic? Not sure but it says 420 votes. Maybe it just says that tho I’m actually not sure

Well, reiterating what I said, some people may not be interested in the -1000 so it’d free up some votes, since the -900 is confirmed. (Since the amount of votes hasn’t really decreased since the release)

The A350 has been confirmed, and will 99.99% be released :)

I dont see why this is a problem with you. People can have their vote on whatever they want to.

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Because it’s like me going to vote for Abraham Lincoln as the president in the upcoming elections.

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