A350 Violent Rocking

Has anyone else noticed the A350 rocking mid flight?

Could you give more details such as the speed and altitude when this is occurring.

What is your weight and speed?

Very likely due to turbulence. On a side note, the C172 also begins to oscillate violently when flying through turbulence.

It’s like a feather flying around in a storm. It’s pretty expected on light aircraft :)

The A350 seems to be behaving normal in turbulence. Just hit some pretty bad turbulence on an east bound flight i did today over the Atlantic. Quite bumpy but the aircraft kept stable.


I think OP is talking about how it rolls when being set on a heading. It looks like the damping ratio for the AP is too low for the ailerons.

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Yep, I’ve found it especially turbulent into ATC airports this weekend lol. Must just be European Weather at the moment

I have been problems with weather everywhere, especially KSFO. As soon as I take of and reach FL240 and up, I get head winds out tail winds up to 140. At this point, the A350 stops climbing, and the plane starts stalling, so I have to fly it by hand for up to 2 hours. I also can’t reach 42,000 feet to play with the Easter egg, so I’m not to happy about that…

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Check your load. An aircraft close to MTOW would just bring a stall upon thou if at such a high altitude. My recommendation is that you carry an empty load or simulate a flight with a very light load.

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Like 50%? I think I was at around 50 to 60 percent… definitely not MTOW

50% would be slightly on the heavier side. At most 35% would do.

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Alright. Guess I should probably save the step climbing for the morning instead of really late at night

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Yup and that’s why I don’t fly the A350. I think especially the united livery, it has terrible graphics.

Sorry. I’ve been gone! I think I figured it out. I was too high with the amount of fuel I had. I just had to decend to a lower altitude and it fixed itself!

And yes also it’s the a 321 to and I noticed it to. When you climbing with the a 321 it stalls and shakes

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