A350 Violent rocking shortly after takeoff

I’ve noticed that people have blown off the A350 rocking back and forth issue saying it’s weight winds and etc. however I’ve been having the same issue. Winds are not a problem I’ve taken off multiple time with 5kts or less of a cross wind. Weight isn’t an issue as this is happening literally as I take off and I’m never over MTW even I make sure to always be at least 5000KG under MTW to be safe Even without AP. And a VERY STEADY hand and a very shallow VS until I’m
Above 2000ft The aircraft still rocks back and forth violently
I keep proper flaps and trim. Once I get about 3000 it stops rocking but anything under that even in a shallow climb it rocks VIOLENTLY as if it’s about to
Stall even when it’s NOWHERE near stall speed and there’s very insignificant winds (5kts or less)
Weight isn’t an issue and the config for takeoff is correct. And after looking through post it appears I’m not the only one.
Mind this happens with NO OTHER aircraft

I believe this is a common occurrence on an A350. Usually, when I’m at MTOW, I’ll use 95% N1 ~ TOGA thrust to depart, and it will start rocking side by side at 210-220 knots. The best thing to do is to get to 250 knots ASAP, and it should stabilise. I believe there’s something to do with the physics between weight and speed, but getting to a higher speed would help (hence the high speed climb for heavy aircraft IRL).

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Hi there, could you possibly provide us with a video so we can see your flap setting, trim setting, rotation speed, and Vertical Speed during climb out?

I’ve never really experienced this issue with the A350 tbh. Perhaps your climb rate is too high?

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Agree with the above statement. Rocking and shaking is typically the result of insufficient air speed to sustain lift/stability and a positive rate of climb.


Yeah it happens between rotation til I’m at about 220 knots then it’ll stabilize itself it’s extremely unnerving and sometimes it doesn’t happen sometimes it does and even when it doesn’t my weight rate of climb and everything is the same typically because I use the A350 for route between Singapore and Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Dubai and back

Not to sound rude but I stayed my VS was SHALLOW. no more that 1000FPM

I fly ULRs very often, mainly between France and New Zealand. Usually, I’ll do 250 knots and get my VS at around 2000FPM and it has been working all the time, just that the thrust settings are higher than usual. I suggest you try similar configs to minimise the effect.

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