A350 “Vertical” Takeoff in Toulouse

I took the A350 out for some patterns at Toulouse Airport today, utilizing the Airbus Carbon Livery to simulate an Airbus test flight. Afterwards, I decided to perform a near-vertical takeoff, then got some photos of the rotation, and the aircraft flying around the airport. The details on the A350 are just great. And it’s hard to not like the modern look of the Carbon Livery itself.

The flight was on the expert server, during midday and a fast-forward to evening.

To begin, the rotation off the runway, going near vertical immediately.

Gaining height, and just beginning to drop the nose back down to level flight, with a bit of the airport in the background.

The A350 just beginning to turn into the crosswind of runway 32L. Beacon shot!

A different shot, this time of the landing gear retracting during a normal takeoff as the aircraft roars overhead.

As the day begins to end, a nice shot of the A350 circling the field, the shadows highlighting the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft itself.

The landing lights stand out against the countryside backdrop as the A350 makes its final approach for the evening.

Back on the ground, with the last few rays of sunlight just catching the nose of the plane. Back to the hanger.


The A350 is such a beautiful aircraft (Right after the 787) going vertical is actually pretty fun, nice sunset pics too!


now here I got to disagree with you. The A350 is much much better in every way.

Anyways great photos!


Nice photos ! Imagine an Airbus VA 😆

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Wow! Stunning shot! Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the compliments everyone! Glad you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did!

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Please tell me you didn’t tail strike?

@KGJT-9149 Of course not haha. Went full throttle (99% N1) at light fuel weight (was only doing patterns after all). SOP for Vrotate, then once clear with positive climb rate and good airspeed went vertical :)