A350 Updates

Is there an estimated time for when it comes out? I’m all of us are extremely excited!

Has it been confirmed if the A350 will have a different engine noise? Or will it have the same as the airlines already in game?

Just curious is all:)


@MaxedOut - The Developers of Infinite Flight never published any release dates, and the same then applies to estimated dates, though initially said by them that the aircraft (Airbus A350) would take approximately 12, more or less, give or take some time here and there from when it was revealed to s back in April, 2019, other than that, we don’t know when it will be out, neither does the Developers, so only time will tell, but expect it sometime next year, if an answer is a must :)

@Alphadog4646, I believe they have not said anything (not confirmed) about the A350’s engine sound will be from an actual A350 or if they will keep the current Boeing 767 sound. They will if they add a A350’s Rolls Royce engine sound to the A350 in the Infinite Flight, then they’ll have to get access to one in real life, which can be challenging and then the recording itself will require a lot of precision to, so, for now hope for the best and we may have a dedicated new A350 sound pack for the aircraft ;)


Okay awesome thanks for answering my question 👍🙂

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WiLL iTt bEe fReE??

Jokes, of course. I’m truly excited to fly this aircraft when it finally comes out. The detail is absolutely stunning!

Thanks for the swift response

Great job to everyone who got involved 👌

Cockpit looks outstanding! Cannot wait to fly this aircraft all round the world!

Is it still a simulator?? Very very nice work IF team! ❤️

As I kept on reading, my heart rate got faster for no reason lol. I think I’m excited to fly this aircraft, A LOT.

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This is hands down one of the most detailed aircraft I’ve ever seen! I cannot wait until we can fly this beauty

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I can‘t wait for the A350 😅
What will bs your first flight with the A350? I can‘t choose any flight 😂😅

I really hope it has actually engine noise, not that vacum cleaner noise😂😂😂

Oohhh. A350 update blog. Does this mean the a350 is upon us 🙏😯?

Wait, I just saw the pictures. Infinite Flight… I love you

It will be Singapore Airlines, WSSS-KJFK

EGLL - CYYZ probably, of course, with the British Airways livery, if the A350 will be also released in it’s -1000 model.

Man I thought it came out

Just a joke I know it is not out yet or even close


They’ve said already the -1000 series won’t be included.

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This is going to be very amazing.