A350 Updates

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Throughout the development process, there are always some progress updates by our designers and developers that don’t make it to social media. Whether it’s a slightly different angle on the autopilot panel, or a rendering for the purpose of furthering a discussion, some of these don’t see the light of day.

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Updates are great! I can’t wait till it’s released! It looks so realistic!

This is cool

Probably the most detailed cockpit i have ever seen in infinite flight.


Thanks @jasonrosewell. Nice to know. I’m sure others will appreciate it too

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Blown away by the level of detail. looking forward to it and cant wait


Awesome! Just looked at the pictures, the cockpit looks great and so do the liveries! Thank you!

Wooooo! Looks great! I’m actually early for once!


I see new Blogpost, I like. As always, very informative and good to read. I’m always curious about how things work in the background. Those blogpost provide interesting insights.


I know this Is irrelevant but will clouds be coming in the next few updates along with the A350?


Yay, can’t wait😄

Awesome job, it looks amazing! Can’t wait.

can’t wait till it’s realeased!!! I’m so excited!!! 😁

Very nice , can’t wait 👍

Wow the cockpit is so nice! Great job guys!

Looks so good so far

What about gear tilt?

Blog Category? WAIT WAT?!

Amazing how the A350 is coming.


This looks amazing. Super excited! Thank y’all so much for devoting so much time and effort to make it incredible!

Can’t wait for this! Amazing job!

This looks incredible - the a350 - and 777 down the line - will really bring IF to the next level with all the features and incredible detail. Hopefully, now, people start to realize that all the devs/staff want all the features we do, it just takes time to achieve/implement especially on mobile. This will be well worth the wait!