A350 update

I know this is a lot to ask but dose anyone know when the a350 will be announced, i knownthe tbm just came out but I’d love to know when it’s will come out

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Nope. And we won’t know till they announce it and there hasn’t really been any evidence supporting the 350 coming soon.

The A350 has not been announced yet, with few signs of it coming to Infinite Flight. FDS does not really know the physics of the aircraft too well.


The A350 will take some time to develop as noted by the developers in the past. The reason for this is because the data that is used for this development is not readily/easily accessible to them to begin such work. Infinite Flight developers will keep you folks up to date on upcoming aircraft. And as stated this past weekend at the Flight Sim Event at Cosford, the A-10 will be the next aircraft on stand. Stay tuned to #announcements for further information. Thanks! 🙂