A350 test flight?

Spotted on the tracker!

Could it be an A359 learning to fly?

Choo choo hype train pulling into the station!


Maybe it’s just the UFO as shown in the picture 🤷‍♂️

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The photos never lie, I’m quite sure it’s a flying saucer


Anyone fancy intercepting?

My sim is enroute SAS 998 ZSPD to ESSA…

The developers are hard at work testing aircraft, you can post your discovery on this topic (instead of creating a new one) :

@Matthew_Peregrine it is actually RSKI - LFPG

Also I don’t think it’s a A350… it’s for sure a flying saucer. 100% sure.

It can be an aircraft with a livery that isn’t currently available. You could narrow it down to the A350 as it’s in beta testing but it could easily be any aircraft.

It’s most likely the A350 yes @Matthew_Peregrine

Its actually Laura testing out a “secret” feature on the C172. If you replace all the seats with fuel tanks, and also put aux. fuel tanks on the wings, it turns into a ULH aircraft. Also, it has some nice rocket boosters on the wings, so it can reach airliner speeds.
Just wait to try this baby out in IF!


I think that it is the Asiana livery as in real life, this route is operated by an Asiana A359.

I think it’s a de Havilland DH 106 Comet 😎