A350 Technical Data

Hi guys, I’m currently gathering a lot of technical data from the IF A350. This includes the following

  • Engine Start Times
  • Minimum Rotation Speed
  • Fuel Burn Calculations

Once I’ve completed all the tests which should take a few weeks, would you like me to compile it into a bit of a wiki for the IFC?


I would honestly really like that please and thank you!

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Just a proposal here… cant u just time the engine start or are there more technicalities to it

That’s what I’m going to be look into. There will be a wide range of parameters which will be looking at including a range of OAT’s and Airstarts too

I would love that.

That is an awesome idea! Sounds great.

I’m confused here, the start times are dependent on OAT? And is this going to be “flight testing” the A350 or from the FCOM or official sources?

There are two`Starting points:

But you won’t find engine run up timeings in there.

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