A350, Talking about the timeline.

What do you think about the a350’s timeline. I think the next part is the inside.

It will all be known when the developers release another news article on the timeline. All we have to do is wait, but knowing Infinite Flight, they will always give us sneak peeks at WIP


I think the wheels will have some smoke.

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I doubt that. Without a doubt they will have tilt though. They posted a new picture to the timeline and from the looks of it most of the outside is done. I feel the biggest challenge will be working intruments and not ruining the performance of the game.


Yea there is a new part inside👀

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The wheel looks like the main part about the outside they working on right now.

I Think that the game will get mass lag for those who have full storage or even near.

Not really the devs make sure that it won’t have any bugs that is why when 19.1came out it want really laggy at all or not even a simple amount of lag and they put so much work into these things so we won’t have any problems on our end I would be thankful for the things they do @FuZion_Sami

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They pretty much have a topic about this… this convo should be moved here 👉🏼 Introducing the Infinite Flight Development Timeline


We’ll just have to see. I bet they’ll surprise us or have something up their sleeve like always 😁

I’m not so confident about gear tilt

Here is a little message from Jason Rosewell

I honestly think that we should stop anticipating great things. The devs are working very hard and we should stop putting pressure. If you expect the best, you will be disappointed, but expect a beginning and you will be pleasantly surprised.
We should just wait, stop putting pressure and act like if we never knew it would come.
I hope you didn’t take this the wrong way.
Thank You


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