A350 Takeoff VS

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I’m wondering what a good takeoff vertical speed is for the A350?

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Really depends on your weight, but I usually have no issue with using a VS of 2500

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As far as I’m aware, the A350 will typically climb at no more than 2300ft/min, though a heavier aircraft will have a slower ascent ☺️
Speed up to 10,000 is less than 250kts, then it cruises at .85 with a max of .89 up to 41,000ft which is it’s service ceiling

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I like to go 2500 to 2800, but like @Kirito_77 said, it really depends on your weight.


There is no rotation V/S for any aircraft really, it’s just when you reduce takeoff throttle it’s best to bring it down to around 2000-2800fpm depending on your weight, really

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These are 2 charts I use for the A320 and A350. I find them very helpful.

(ROC) - Rate Of Climb

A350 climb rate chart:

A320 climb rate chart:

Hope this helps!


When flying the A350, I’d usually observe the following vertical speeds in different phases of flight.

Initial climb (to 2500ft AGL): Climb at V2+15KIAS. Maintain whatever vertical speed necessary to achieve V2+15KIAS, but try not to exceed 3000fpm.

thereafter to 10000ft MSL: 1500-2000fpm maintaining 250KIAS

10000ft to 18000ft MSL: reduce v/s to 1000ft and accelerate to desired KIAS (usually 320KIAS for a M0.85 cruise, adjust accordingly). Once desired KIAS reached, climb at ~1200fpm

18000ft to cruise: climb at 1000fpm

I prefer these vertical speeds to optimise passenger comfort and for fuel economy; but if the flight is short then it won’t hurt to climb at a steeper rate to reach cruise faster. For some reason, A350s climb really slowly in real life.

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Where did you find that? I try to find charts like that everywhere, and all that comes up is boring Quora questions

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