A350 takeoff speed

I haven’t had chance to fly this aircraft and now im doing so. does anyone know the accurate takeoff speed for A350 varying by weight? IFAssistant is unable to calculate it since A350 is very new

At 73% load according to this article, they rotated at 133kts.

I would suggest Flaps 2 and 25% Trim for takeoff. 88% power and apply a little back pressure on the elevator. At the weights I was flying at, I found 150-155 working out pretty well. That was just playing around with it to see what “feels good”. Once the nose starts coming off the ground, the aircraft will be ready to fly. Trial and error a few flights at different weights to find out what works good with those few settings. In the meantime, we’ll need to wait until Infinite Flight releases a takeoff tutorial for the A350. 🙂


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