A350 take off problem

I was at paris airport in a a359 SAS goeing to london heathrow and there wasent any strong winds but as soon as i hit v1 (140 kt) the plane started to turn left a super hard left turn i dident tuch anything and i did recalibrate right before take off this was my first a359 flight and it did not go well it kept pulling me left until i crashed

Edit there was 0 kt wind, both engiens on about 85% power, about average wait and. Fine weather

I dont know why it happend ive seen the replay like 10x now and ive found no reason for it to have done what it did

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Practise on solo before you take it to the actual server. Remember it’s just out, It will take time to get used to

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Forgot one engine?


It’s 19 kts crosswind at LFBO, I just took off. Use your rudder :-)

He was at LFPG (Paris) not Toulouse (LFBO) read the topic carefully before replying!


It’s 310 15G25 kts at LFPG :-)



It’s a windy evening in France