A350 starts banking left and right on cruise and is about to stall

Hello Community.

I was flying from Frankfurt to Singapore tonight when i got woken up by stall warnings this morning.

I was cruising at FL410 @ M0.85 after stepclimbing from FL370 initially with a load of around 70% on ground.

The cruise at FL410 was fine for quite a while when it out of the sudden started to veer left and right and started to lose speed.

I’d like to get to know why this happened so I have the knowledge for future overnighters

If needed I can share the replay too.


Did you use anything like simbrief, fpltoif etc.? And also, I think this should be changed to #support

No I made my own FPL with Skyvector and I used Windy.com to check the winds. i had a 94knt tailwind prior to the incoming stall

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I think it’s better to use an auto-generated plan as they’ll give you the right altitude for your weight and things… As the plane got lighter, it’s likely FL410 was too high. Maybe 370 or 390 would be better

Well I was 2/3 through my flight and everything else was fine too


I’m not sure then… Something I can remember though is that I once had problems with the A350 where it wouldn’t keep stable in 10kt winds so must be a problem with the aircraft.

This is the exact same thing that happened to me and i ended up crashing, it was on the way from LHR to SIN on the A350, not sure why.

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