A350 stall problem

So I’m doing a flight between Madrid to Auckland, and this 77% full a350 manages to stall while cruising somehow.


Getting a heavy to cruising altitude is tricky. I’ve stalled Airbus’s before. Boeing won’t though.

Try a step climb


All it takes is step climbing, once you’re closer to your destination that’s when you can go to your 40,000’s


How high are you? I was able to get the A350 at 77% load straight up to FL380 climbing at a steady 3000 FPM (which is way faster than you should be). Using more conservative climbing techniques, it can cruise relatively comfortably at FL410. I would assume you’re not higher than that, so you’re probably just climbing too fast. If you reach a high flight level while your speed has decreased a lot, you often won’t have enough engine power to accelerate and eventually you will stall. The trick is to climb slow enough to maintain speed so you don’t need to accelerate once you get to whatever flight level it is.


It’s not that, it happened 3 hours into the flight.

I was already at cruise since three hours ago I stalled anyway. I’m back at my position and haven’t stalled again.

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what altitude were you on when you were at 77%?

38,000 feet

bit too high for 77%


It isn’t. The A350 is perfectly capable of maintaining it at that weight, it’s not even near full throttle.


If the load is not the problem, then what seems to be the problem with the stalling?

I would assume either someone touched OP’s device or the wind changed. The higher you get the harder it is to recover speed loss, so if wind went from 100 knot headwind to 0 knot headwind you’d lose 100 knots in airspeed and probably stall


okay that seems reasonable

Im not too shure about that either, this happened in front of my eyes. This has happened three times to me, all the planes where a350’s.

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Maybe try a step climb

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That did not work, about 10 hours into the flight it stalled once again, that was like a week ago btw

Heavier the plane the more difficult it is to climb the speed drops

What was att, spd and payload? Sometimes I have trouble with a330 and other planes

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