A350 stall issues

For two flight both out of DEN I noticed the a350 climbed then just stalled, but I wasn’t there to fix the issue, which lead to me getting five violations total. NOT HAPPY!!!

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It’s recommended that you monitor your flight closely during critical stages (such as climbing).


There’s no issue with the A359, i’d know. I was cruising at 41,000 feet. And i saw @Hamza.N at 42,000 feet. Use https://fpltoif.com/
It’ll give you proper fuel, and everything. Even Altitude and a route.
Id suggest checking this out.
A Guide to Step Climbing


Thank you so much

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Please monitor your instruments during climb, it is a critical stage of flight. Have the correct speed, V/S, and you’ll be ok. The aircraft is fine and @Alphadog4646 explained the rest.

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A350 shouldn’t stall out. However be aware that A350 N1 does not really go above 100 so if you start to stall, you need to pitch down and speed up again to recover. If you actually need to briefly leave your device during climb, I advice 1000-1500VS and 310-320 airspeed.
Until they figure out what’s up with fuel burn also just stay at FL300-330 whatever weight you are at because for some reason anything higher is not optimal.

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