A350 Speed Problems

Is anyone having problems with the A350 absolutely going nuts and the wings just start shaking like crazy? It’s made me stall out 3 times out of 4 flying it. (4 is right now, I’m at 200 kts and about to stall)

How much fuel do you have? And how much fuel have you had the other times?

Why? What altitude is he stalling out at? If he’s at FL430 or higher where the aircraft doesn’t belong, that does not mean there is an issue with the app. You need more information such as:

  • Aircraft load
  • Altitude

Ugh, sorry. My bad Deer.

I’ve got 16 hours of fuel for a 14 hour flight. Should I dump?

No, when you land, you should have 2 hours of fuel left. Which for the A350, is perfect for landing. So just keep the fuel you have 🙂


What is your:

  • Altitude
  • Mach speed
  • Aircraft load (this can be found in the location in the screenshot I’ve provided below)


Without this information, we are unable to provide any other additional information to help you out. Help us by providing this information to help you. Thanks!

Update: stalled out over the pacific. The A350 is NOT a good aircraft IMO. IF should release a video on how to cope with this.

Big oof. The DeerCrusher Aviation Administration’s (DAA) final ruling will go with pilot error until the pilot is able to create a detailed topic with information that can allow folks to help him. No point in having the topic open when requested info isn’t provided.