A350 SmoothTrack Departure

Hi everyone, recently I decided to try out the SmoothTrack app developed by @epaga, and I was definitely pleased with the results. I screen recorded a departure using the app and have linked it here. I strongly recommend checking out SmoothTrack if you want a TrackIR-style software to make Infinite Filght better!



  • Expert Server
  • A350 (Asiana)

Video (sorry if quality is really bad): Infinite Flight A350 SmoothTrack Departure - YouTube


So realistic with the head movements!

Makes me want to get it. What devices did you use? Ive heard that you can’t use 1 so idk how it works.

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I have an iPad for running Infinite Flight and use my phone to run the head tracker.

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So smooth and good! I really like your add-on

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Oh Noice, I only have one device sad


Imagine you fall asleep on a long flight with it on. Wake up to a nose dive oh my god that would be scary.

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